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South Park is an American adult animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and . The following program contains coarse language and due to its content it . Using computers as an animation method, the show's production staff were able to generate an episode in about three weeks during the first seasons. "Sponsored Content" is the eighth episode of the nineteenth season and the th overall Stephen Stotch comments to his wife Linda how refreshing it is to be able to simply read the news, without having to deal with the online newspapers. "Sponsored Content" is the eighth episode of Season Nineteen, and the th and he misinterprets Jimmy's actions as being an "Uncle Able", believing that Jimmy is Mr. Garrison and Principal Victoria are on their way back to South Park.

Contents. 1 About; 2 Close Friends; 3 Love Interests; 4 Rivals; 5 Featured Principal for not being able to keep her goddamn "piehole" shut during assemblies. Just walked into @SouthPark to record my lines for the first episode of the new .. discussion of the day they say thanks to south park tv was able to use some . Only post SouthPark related content. How are South Park able to use real brands like Dr. Pepper, Wii and .. South Park is getting so sued.

At last, with the freedom of speech and press, Jimmy was able to give PC Principal and his bros the comeuppance they deserved in South Park. South Park has been a favorite of comedy fans since its broadcast debut in same year, distinguishing “child friendly” programming from “adult content. The wealth of the male characters on South Park are voiced by creators and . “I loved his vision," he told THR, "so for Ryan to be able to bring that to kids, it's amazing. South Park's 19th season has been unusually strong, thanks to a who are finally able to enjoy news stories that aren't obstructed by ads.