Happy Halloween & Gracias!


(¡Feliz Fin de Semana!)

E.’s abuelos en Madrid had a vestido de Sevillanas hand-made and mailed to her when she was two months old. Yet, it didn’t fit until now. Perfect timing for Halloween! So, para lucirlo (show it off), I took her to our local zoo last weekend for a fun kids-day. To top it off, all three of us went to our neighborhood park for a Halloween festival (notice D.’s and my mandiles (aprons)!).


On another note, today marks the end of my first month blogging. A month? ¡Cómo pasa el tiempo…volando!

Wherever you are this Saturday, if you’re reading this post, I just want to say MUCHAS GRACIAS and THANK YOU for following this blog over the past four weeks.

You know, I attempted to start a blog about eight years ago, but it died after two posts (yup, just two!) because I wasn’t writing from mi corazón, from my life. But, now I find myself in a totally different place (new city, new baby, no more full-time career), and with it, the words and ideas just keep flowing!


This whole bilingual parenting thing is truly una aventura sobre la marcha! Thanks for joining me and my family. Here’s to many more adventures!


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