A Few of our Favorite Things

I feel like I need to take a deep breath, slow down, and just savor. Savor a few of our (me and E.) favorite things lately.

Writing a blog is a lot of work! I’m thankful for D. who reminded me the other night that this blog is meant to be enjoyable, a hobby, a place where I can record our adventure in bilingual parenting. Not a chore. He knows me too well! So, here’s a peek into how E. and I are enjoying these last days of late autumn.

Estamos leyendo…

El Camioncito Azul  – A story of friendship, team work, and helping people (or dump trucks!) who are mean and hard to love.


También haciendo como que estamos leyendo…

Despite my efforts to clean up and organize my books each evening, E. daily finds her way back to the same shelf, pulling out books left and right. Es mi pequeña lectora. (Notice the Jane Eyre? She’s got great taste!)


On a recent trip to our local public library, the librarian asked me if E. had her own library card, to which I stammered, “That’s a thing?! Babies get cards, too?!”


Estamos explorando…


We live in a super kid-friendly city, with so many museums, clubs, centers, parks and other sites to explore.

reading literacy bilingualism

We’re letting our imagination run wild!

reading literacy bilingualism

Estamos compartiendo…

We’re sharing and teaching a bit of español to E.’s two primos. During the past few Face Time phone calls with her cousins, they’ve asked me, “Tia, Tia, read us a book in Spanish!” Even better, Tio (D.) read to them in person this past weekend.

bilingualism literacy reading

Estamos pasando tiempo con amigos …


My dearest friend from college days, JK, who you might remember from Family Fridays, came to visit us and meet E. for the first time. The two of them even Skyped in Korean with her kiddos (well, JK did the talking and E. did the eating!).

Nos estamos columpiando…


Estamos escuchando a …

Rosa Leon – a cult classic from D.’s youth in Spain. I love her juego de palabras in each song and the beautiful acoustic guitar.


WOW! If you haven’t heard of Andrés Salguero, singer, composer, guitarist, and bilingual children’s music super star, well you will now! Check out the music video below for his song ¡Salta, Salta! He has released a CD of bilingual (Spanish and English) children’s songs, featuring music from all of Latin America. His disco is our go-to breakfast soundtrack.

Por último, estamos disfrutando del sol y de los cielos despejados…


P.S. I’m over the moon excited to announce that ¡123conAndrés! has agreed to an interview with me on the blog. ¡Olé! Plus, I’ll be hosting my first ever giveaway: both the interview and the giveaway will take place next week right here! ¡No te lo pierdas! Don’t miss it!


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