On my bedside table (and, in my Feedly) – part 2

bilingualism literacy reading

Lately, my bedside has accumulated a bit of dust as the books I vowed I’d start reading pile higher…and higher.

Has anyone read Permission to Parent by Robin Berman? It’s in the pile.

And, if you caught part one of “On my bedside table,” you’ll be happy to know that I’m still on the same página of El Tiempo entre Costuras.

But, lest you think I’ve been spending all my time taking care of an eleven-month-old (who do you take me for, a mom?), I reassure you I’ve been reading up a storm, just more in the form of blogs, on-line articles and TED Talks.

Why share what you’re reading, Audrey, on a blog about bilingual parenting? You might be wondering.

Two reasons, I suppose:

You really get to know a person by learning what she reads. And, although my days are spent parenting and parenting bilingually, I do have other interests.

So, enough said. Here’s what’s on my bedside table right now.

In My Feedly –


Do our children have too many choices? Could we, too, be drowning in too many options?

The United States is the land of freedom and opportunity and choice. But, perhaps there is such a thing as too much choice. I first heard about the concept of the “paradox of choice” from D. who read the book by Barry Schwartz. I resonate so much with this concept because it reminds me of my teaching days planning for literature units: I would look on the Internet and feel completed inundated by the literally hundreds of lesson plans. Which one do I choose? I would panic.

Also from this blog, Simple Kids, you might be interested in this four-part gift giving strategy for children. Keep it simple this holiday season!


Do you listen to any good podcasts? I’ve added the currently popular Serial to my Christmas vacation queue. Have you ever considered the reason why podcasts are so popular? Check out this intriguing article.

Dual Language Schools:

I realize D. and I are years away from having to contemplate where to send E. to school, but I did find this article helpful in articulating what to think about before sending your child to a dual language school. Worth a read.


Is teaching handwriting worth all the time and effort? What does the research say? This article is easy to understand. If nothing else, you’ll have an excuse to go out and buy colored pens and invest in a nice pencil case.

High School Linguistics:

Teach linguistics to high school students? Brilliant! That would be my dream job! I was inspired reading this and oh-my-gosh-I-want-to-be-in-this-class! 

Watch this four-minute TED Talk video on the evolution of language. (I miss teaching high school!)

How Different Cultures View Time:

I saved the best for last.

Have you ever stopped to think that time really is, well, relative?

Linguist Richard Lewis writes that Eastern and Western cultures view time in drastically different ways.

“For an American, time is truly money….[They] are people of action; they cannot bear to be idle.” (Okay, that’s ME, to a T!)

“Spaniards,…[on the other hand,] will ignore the passing of time if it means that conversations will be left unfinished. For them, completing a human transaction is the best way they can invest their time.” (Um, that’s D. for sure! Remember this post I wrote on the title of my blog?)

Recommendations of what I should read over the Christmas holiday? Drop me a line!

bilingualism reading literacy

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