“The Effort Really Pays Off!” (Family Fridays)

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¡Feliz viernes, amiga@s! We took a little break from Family Fridays, but I’m back again, and very excited, to introduce you to fellow blogger and bilingual mamá, Cristina. Cristina lives with her husband and two children on the southeastern coast of Spain. I “met” Cristina through her incredible blog, Montessori en Casa, where she writes – in both Spanish and English – about how to raise children at home following the Montessori method. Like me, she is raising her children in her non-native language, and today she shares with us how she and her husband navigate through the fun and crazy adventure of bilingual parenting.

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Una carta de agradecimiento (A Thank You Letter)

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Last Saturday, D. and I, together with our family and un montón de amigos, celebrated E.’s first year of life. What a special day it was!

In case you were wondering, the theme of the party was animals, in particular, dogs, E.’s favorite. We filled my friend, M.’s, house to the brim with picture books of animals, stuffed animals, gummy bears, animal crackers, and other animal-inspired goodies, including a home-made dog cake.

Instead of giving you the blow-by-blow of each person who came, what we ate, what I wore, and when everyone arrived, I felt inspired to compose a written letter of thanks – en español – to our community of support in raising E. bilingually. Continue reading

Life “Al Revés” and Speaking in Tongues

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Some parts of my life feel al revés (backwards or inside out).

No, I’m not going back in time nor am I coming undone. But, sometimes I’m Audrey, and sometimes yo soy españolita. 

One of the most fascinating parts of language to me is how our use of it shapes who we are. Our identity.

Our words don’t just serve to tell our partner we love them, or to engage in small talk at a party, or to give directions (no, for that we have Google maps). Our words mark who we are, where we’re from, and what we do. Continue reading

Book Review – “The Bilingual Edge”

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What was the first parenting book you read? Do you remember? I do.

This one: The Bilingual Edge by former graduate school professors of mine, Kendall King, PhD and Alison Mackey, PhD.

(No, I’m not getting paid or anything like that to review this book. I just love it!)

I actually read this book years before I had E. In fact, it’s responsible for planting the seed of bilingual parenting in my heart. Here’s why I continue to recommend it to both friends and family. Continue reading

The Art of el Paseo Español, part 2

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Monday’s post was part one of El Paseo (literally, the walk) in Spain. (If you haven’t read it, why not hop on over there first before continuing with today’s post?)

Yes, I’m dedicating two entire posts to the idea of taking a walk. It’s that important for Spaniards.

If you’re an American (like me) reading this, however, you’ve probably never thought of a walk as more than a way to get from point A to point B, or as a way to exercise. In fact, while preparing these posts, I decided to type in “take a walk” into Google, just our of curiosity, to see the top results. Here’s what I found: Continue reading

The Art of el Paseo Español, part 1

bilingualism bilingual espanolita language culture

Dar un paseo. Dar una vuelta.

Literally translated: to give a walk, or, to give a circle/turn.

Part of my adventure in bilingual parenting is the balancing act of two cultures: D. and I haven’t chosen to simply raise E. with two languages, but with two cultures, or in other words, two ways of seeing and experiencing the world. And that includes the culture – no, I’m going to call it art – of taking a walk. Continue reading

“I want them to respect all cultures.” (Family Fridays)

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Photo via Carissa Rogers

¡Feliz viernes, amig@s! Welcome back to another installment of Family Fridays here on the blog. If this is your first time stopping by, I want to extend an extra hearty welcome. This is a weekly series in which I spotlight a different multilingual family and their adventures in bilingual parenting.

Today, yo tengo el gran privilegio de introduce you all to fellow bilingual blogger Malu and her family. She and her husband are raising their two beautiful boys in Spanish and English. You can read about her adventures in bilingual parenting on her blog at Bilingual Eyes Blog. Thank you, Malu, for the encouraging words you have to share with us today.

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