On My Bedside Table (and, in my Feedly) – part 3

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“If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I may not be a woman of “rare intellect,” (well, my mother would disagree!) but I am a person who loves words and who loves to read. And, I agree with the spirit behind Emerson’s words, that we can learn a lot about a person by what he or she reads. That’s why I have decided to occasionally share with you the books on my bedside table and the blogs in my Feedly. Although Españolita…¡sobre la marcha! is a blog about bilingual parenting, bilingualism isn’t the only topic that interests me.

Likewise, I’m always on the hunt for new material, so drop me a line if you’ve got a book or blog recommendation! Finally, be sure to check out the resources page on the blog if you need advice or inspiration in your bilingual parenting journey.

For those of you linguistics nerds (which I say with the highest regard) – 

This awesome BBC podcast on the topic of Multilingualism. How beneficial is bilingualism really to the cognitive development of a child? Are bilinguals really just the sum of two monolinguals in one person? The panel of interviewed experts includes Cuban poet Gustavo Pérez Firmat, professor of linguistics (Edinburgh University) Antonella Sorace, and professor of psychology Ellen Bialystok. So worth a listen!

For those of you who love food – 

The Kinfolk Table. I purchased this delightfully appealing cookbook  – and part storybook – before I had even heard of its parent magazine, Kinfolk. While it generally lives on my coffee table, far from the kitchen, I recently moved it into the kitchen to try out a few recipes in an effort to spice up my winter blues. Specifically, the roasted pork loin with apple chutney and the roasted chicken with seasonal vegetables. Up next: chocolate pudding infused with Earl Grey tea and lavender.

For those of you of the religious sort –

I am currently re-reading this collection of selected readings by Christian (of various traditions) philosophers and theologians, writers and preachers. This book of spiritual devotions incorporates the six traditions of the Christian life: prayer, virtue, the Holy Spirit, compassion, the Word, and the sacraments. Authors include Bernard of Clairvaux, Evelyn Underhill, Teresa of Ávila, John Bunyon, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Watchman Nee, and Søren Kierkegaard.

For those of you interested in the Montessori method – 

Check out Cristina’s blog, Montessori en Casa. Specifically, how to adapt your home so that if facilitates your children’s learning even before they start school.  You might remember Cristina from last Friday here on the blog. She is committed to raising her two children bilingually, and she blogs about the Montessori method in both Spanish and English. Her blog is fantastic.

For those of you Spanish-speakers, looking for children’s books –

Much – no, actually, most – of what I read during my waking hours are children’s books en español. An important part of E.’s nap- and bedtime routine consists of reading en voz alta. One of our favorite libros right now is a gift from dear friends in Spain: A Ver, A Ver. Casitas de Animales. E., loves the little flaps, and I love all of the new words I’ve learned: zarzas, dormir como un lirón, guarida.

For those of you, I mean us, who put our children’s photos online – 

This article (in Spanish) outlining the reasons we should think twice before putting photos of our children on the Internet. It draws attention to the modern trend among many parents of photographing and sharing through social media every aspect of our lives, including our children. As parents, the article asserts, we need to be careful not to “normalize” this kind of behavior for our children if we don’t want them to learn that it’s normal, or okay, to post intimate photos of themselves on social media. This can be especially dangerous because of on-line predators who take a child’s face from one photo and “morph” it into another potentially harmful photo. This article is food for thought.

So as not to end on a depressing note. For those of you who love spaces – 

Unfortunately, wallpaper has gotten a bad rap for too long. Fortunately, many designers and photographers are reversing its reputation. I would love to decorate my living room wall with a bold and unique print. Check out these here. So dreamy!

What’s on your mesilla de noche? Any book or blog recommendations?

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