Meet “Pablo Español” (Family Fridays)

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 (Photo via Carissa Rogers, Flickr CC)

Happy Friday, friends! Today marks the first chapter of a new and expanded version of Family Fridays.

I’ve been thinking lately about the importance of our communities, both near and far, in our raising our children in more than one language. You know, the whole “it-takes-a-village” notion. We can’t do this thing called bilingual parenting without the support of our neighbors, schools, places of worship, and other members of our world. So, starting this Friday, I’d like to expand the Family Fridays series to include other members of our bilingual family, other than our immediate spouses/partners and children.

Today, specifically, I’d like to introduce you to Greg Sanchez, also known as “Pablo Español,” bilingual singer-songwriter of children’s music. Not only does he share with us today the vision behind his company, but he also speaks about the challenges and joys of raising his two sons in two languages.

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“Te amo, Mommy.” (Family Fridays)



(Photo via Carissa Rogers, Flickr CC)

Amig@s, it’s wonderful to be back again with another installment of Family Fridays. For those of you first-time readers, this is a series in which a different multilingual family from around the globe shares their experience with parenting in more than one language.

Today, I’m eager to introduce you to fellow bilingual mamá and blogger, Stephanie, from Casa Watkins. She shares both the joys and challenges of raising children in more than one language. It may not be easy to help children grow up in two languages, but it sure is worth it, especially when the reward is an unexpected “te amo, Mommy.”

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Thoughts from my blogging hiatus

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(“The Sewing Lesson” by Jessie Wilcox Smith, Flickr Creative Commons)

¡Hola, amig@s!

It’s good to be back from blog vacation. Two weeks of rest was just what I needed, and in case you’re wondering why I stepped away from blogging, you can read about it here. These past few weeks have been full of reading, cooking, exploring our city, visits with friends, and hours spent hanging with little Miss E. at the park.

Today’s post, rather than being a summary of what I did during my “time-off,” is inspired by an unfortunate comment I received from someone who questioned why I’m “wasting my talent and skills” (from my time as a teacher) to be a stay-at-home-mom. After the initial shock of the comment wore off, I continued thinking about the underlying question: why quit my job to stay at home?

While I am not going to address the “should a mother stay at home?” argument (this is a blog on bilingual parenting, after all), I do want to share with you why I have made the very personal decision to take a hiatus from teaching to stay at home with our daughter, what it has meant for our family, and what it has meant for E.’s – and my – language development in this early stage of parenting in more than one language.

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One more week…of rest

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¡Hola, amig@s! You may remember from last week’s blog post that I promised to be back to the whole blogging thing again on May 11. That’s today.

Well, friends, this is just a quick check-in to say that the week-long break has done me a world of good, so much so that I’m itching for more. So, I’m going to take one more week off from blogging. In the meantime, rest assured that I’m networking and contacting lots of fun and interesting folks to interview for the blog, including more multilingual families for the Family Friday series.

So, until next week, friends, ¡adios!

Un Descanso (Taking a Break)

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Today I have decided to do something that has always been hard for me: I’m going to take a break. From blogging, for ten days.

Normally, Fridays here on the blog are devoted to a running series entitled Family Fridays. I love this series. It features a different multilingual family, their struggles, their joys, and their growth, in this adventure of raising children in more than one language. If you’re new to the blog, I encourage you to click on the link FAMILIES on the right of your screen to meet some pretty amazing people. (You can also catch a round-up of families from the first five and a half months here.) Continue reading