El Día del Padre and bilingual parenting

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In honor of Father’s Day (el día del padre), which we celebrated here in the United States this past Sunday, June 21, I want to share with you three characteristics I admire in D. as my husband and as E.’s father, characteristics that I think also apply to this journey in bilingual parenting.

Although this post is dedicated to him, I hope that you’ll be reminded of some of the things that matter most in this adventure, and that you’ll sign off feeling encouraged.

bilingual parenting Spain Spanish culture

Papá, gracias por…

  • tu paciencia (your patience).

You’re always there to remind me that we can’t – and shouldn’t – rush our daughter. She will grow and develop at her own pace.

When something isn’t working in our parenting repertoire, you remind me to pause, to wait, and to reevaluate.

You always have a kind word to give, even when (I know) you’re tired. You are patient and kind, your tone always loving.

Your gentle and affectionate way of speaking is one I hope little E. will one day imitate.

If I could, I’d plan every day, every week, and every year ahead of us. In your words, I’m the family “event planner!” And while that trait comes in handy at times, in parenting it’s important to take things as they come. After all, ours is a relational job, one that is wholly dependent on another human being.

Why is this blog called Españolita…sobre la marcha? Because bilingual parenting is kind of like an experiment: there are very few variables we can control. We’re giving it our best effort, working towards laying a solid foundation for our daughter, but in the end the results aren’t up to us. So, in the meantime you remind me, “lo iremos viendo, sobre la marcha.”

  • siempre ver el lado positivo de cada parte de esta aventura (for always seeing the positive side of each part of this adventure)

What if E. refuses to speak Spanish to me when she’s 15?

What about the mistakes I make in Spanish, my second language?

What if we can’t find a good bilingual school for E.?

When doubts and questions seem to cloud my thinking, you’re always there to help me see the positive side and to draw my attention to what is working.

I couldn’t parent without you, D., and there’s no one else I’d rather have by my side than .

¡Feliz día del padre, mi amor! 

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