Verano with my “no-para-quieta” (Summer Update)

summer espanolita bilingual parenting bilingualism

“¡Es que no para quieta!”

Exclaims my suegro (father-in-law) every time we Facetime, laughing as he watches little Miss E. scoots around our two-bedroom apartment, mamá in tow with the iPhone. (Translation: “She just never stops!”)

And why should it come as a surprise that this mini-persona of 17 months never stops? It’s a good thing I’m a high-energy person, I always respond.

E.’s endless curiosity and constant energy, combined with my eagerness to vivir la vida en la calle, have the two of us out and about soaking up el verano.

Here’s a little snapshot of what we’ve been up to this summer:

Estamos …

Haciendo pan.

{I’ve become hooked on this recipe for whole-wheat sandwich bread and I’ve vowed to never take a second look at store-bought bread again. Oh, and making your own yogurt is the best and easiest. Recipe here.}

Leyendo – mejor dicho, devorando – un montón de libros.

{Besides one T.V. show, our television has remained silent for weeks now. I usually fill my evenings reading, reading, reading. E., too. Mostly parenting books (me, not E.!). Currently, I’m reading this one by RIE parenting coach Janet Lansbury. It has transformed how I view infants and toddlerhood. I can’t recommend it enough!

E. remains enamored with this book and this one by Eric Carle. I also just purchased (used) Chica Chica Bum Bum ABC in order to slowly begin introducing her to the abecedario.}

Pasando mucho tiempo fuera, al aire libre.

{I’m a firm believer that children should play outside every day. The sun, the air, the grass, the dirt, the sounds of the city. I think children should soak it all up. Fortunately, we have an awesome park across the street and a free city splash pad just 5-minutes from home.}

summer espanolita bilingual parenting bilingualism

Preparando para nuestro primer viaje en familia a España.

{We will spend a month in Spain this fall. It will be E.’s first time (out of utero!), and I’m so excited to introduce her to Spain.}

Aprendiendo a comunicarnos mejor.

{Life as a toddler can be difficult: you don’t have the words yet to express how you feel or a fully-developed brain to control your emotions. Life as the parent of a toddler can be difficult, too, especially when you’re a first-time parent, like D. and I are. To help us navigate these sometimes stormy waves, I’ve been drawing from the community of support through several Montessori and RIE parenting groups on-line, as well as the book I mentioned above. I also co-started a parenting book club. To kick off her June discussion, we read Nurture Shock, another great read.}

What have you been up to this summer? I’d love to hear from you!

Oh, and the winner of last Friday’s giveaway with Babl’s Books is J.K.!

summer giveaway babl books espanolita bilingual parenting bilingualism

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