The benefits of starting a neighborhood playgroup (or, two!)


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“Play is the work of the child,” wrote Dr. María Montessori.

I couldn’t agree more. And, to that I would add, it’s my job as E.’s mother to provide her with as many opportunities to play, freely, uninterrupted, in a safe and meaningful environment, as possible. It’s also my job, I believe, to grow and learn as a parent so that I can best love, nurture, teach and discipline (“train”) my daughter.

And it’s through organized neighborhood-based playgroups that both E. and I can carry out our “work.”

Let me explain.
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Do I ever want to give up on bilingual parenting? {MKB 2015 Vlogging Chain}


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¡Hola, amig@s!

I’m super excited to share with you all my first VLOGGING experience: I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the 2015 Vlogging Telephone Chain with other fabulous multilingual/multicultural bloggers through Multicultural Kid Blogs.

Today, I’ll be answering a question from Michelle at Mothertongues. Her questions for me are, “Have you ever wanted to give up on multilingualism? If so, how did you get past that?”

Thanks for watching, friends!

Here’s my question for Anna at Russian Step-by-Step for Children: What advice would you give to expectant or brand new parents who are considering raising their children in more than one language? Be sure to check out her video!

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Are you a parent raising your child in more than one language? Have you ever wanted to give up on multilingualism? How have you faced your frustrations? I’d love to hear from you!

A Parenting Paradigm Shift {Changes on the Blog}


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While on the one hand it bothers me that I’m not currently blogging on a regular basis, on the other hand it doesn’t.

Yes, life with a toddler who now only takes one nap a day instead of two equates to very little free time alone. And, yes, it’s summer and the pace of life just slows down. But, truthfully, those aren’t the only reasons I have fallen out of stride with blogging about my adventures in bilingual parenting.

Over the past few months I have witnessed the evolution and expansion of my parenting paradigm from raising a bilingual child to raising a bilingual child and parenting slower, more simply, and more intentionally. Continue reading