What is slow, simple, and intentional parenting?


About a week ago, I announced that the focus of this blog would grow to include my thoughts on what it means to parent slower, more simply and above all, more intentionally.

Today, I’d like to show you what those three words look like in my every day life as a mother.

It means less “what did I accomplish today?”…

…and more “who did I love?”


It means fewer plans made two weeks in advance…

…and more last-minute plans with neighbors and friends.


It means less dependence on my car…

…and more walks in the stroller.


It means less living space (an apartment)…

…and more free time not doing house or yard work.


It means fewer glances at my cellphone when with my daughter …

…and more engagement in the moment.


It means less time watching evening television (for D. and me)…

…and more time reading.


It means using fewer words with my toddler…

…and giving her more processing time between questions.


It means fewer toys for E….

…and more shared experiences, like visits to the park, or trips to our neighborhood science center.


It means less of “how can I get my daughter to do…?”…

…and more of “how can I help her with…?”


It means less directing her play…

…and more observing her from the sidelines.


It means less urging her to “venga, corre“…

…and more reminding myself to slow down.


It means taking fewer Instagram photos of my food, daily outfits, and daughter’s cute antics…

…and more enjoyment of each bite, a more functional (and, attractive!) wardrobe, and more memories just for us two.


It means going to bed earlier…

…because my “alarm clock” never goes off later than 6 a.m.


It means fewer pats on my back…

…and more asking, “how can I do better next time?”


It means fewer no rewards, punishments, treats, prizes, stickers, distractions, or time outs …

…and more only “¿Qué necesitas, E.?,” “Perdona, hija, lo siento.,” “¿Lo hacemos juntas?,” “¿Te puedo ayudar?,” and

…”Te quiero.”



No, I don’t “succeed” at each of these every day. Maybe two or three.

But, as I mentioned last week, I’ve experienced a paradigm shift in my view of parenting, and today’s post reflects the kind of mother I want to be.

Thanks for reading along, friends. Perhaps one or two of the ideas above resonated with you. If so, I’d love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “What is slow, simple, and intentional parenting?

  1. This is wonderful. We are a multilingual family that also strives for a slow-paced intentional lifestyle. It is not always easy, but we try to keep our schedule open for unplanned adventures or an unexpected nap/siesta). I have also designed our home with Montessori inspiration and my oldest attends Montessori elementary. Our language journey has been 7 years in progress now and while it is still difficult, I am so grateful. It seems that the most priceless memories happen when we slow down to live in the moment. It is wonderful to hear stories from a family with similar values 🙂


    • Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and commenting. I’m really encouraged to hear your perspective from farther down the road. I would LOVE to learn more about your family’s journey with slow living, multilingual parenting, and Montessori learning. Let me know if you’d like to be interviewed for “Family Fridays”! audrey.kratovil@gmail.com


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