Our 2 weeks with Waldorf {Summary of my daughter’s schooling in Spain}


Many of my friends and family were shocked when I told them that E. – with me – would be attending a Spanish preschool for two weeks during our trip to Madrid.

“But, what kind of vacation is that for a child?!!”

“Wow! How did you make that happen?”

“Aren’t children supposed to…play??”

I’d laugh and remind them although rest and relaxation would be a welcome afterthought, the two main goals of our month-long trip were time spent with family and friends, and language immersion.

And, what better way for a 20-month old to absorb and use the language than with other native speakers her age through play? Hence: preschool! Continue reading

Spain with a toddler – adjusting my expectations


No sé por qué, pero me siento rara, un poco depre, I told D. the other evening at the dinner table.

¿Por qué? He asked.

(It was the dumbest of answers.) Pues, porque no hemos podido ir a comer un menú del día en toda la semana.

(But, it was also the most telling of reasons: This – our first time in Spain with a child – trip hasn’t aligned with my previous expectations. Continue reading

What I’ve missed from Spain (#España2015)

¡Ya hemos llegado! We’ve arrived. We’re one week into our #España2015 trip and it’s been wonderful so far. This is E.’s first (out-of-utero) visit to her father’s home country. So exciting!

There is so much to share with you all, that I haven’t known where to begin. That’s probably why it’s taken me a whole week to organize my thoughts into a coherent blog post. I’m looking forward to chronicling our family’s adventures with you all, and I thought I’d start with… Continue reading

“We hope we aren’t confusing her.” {Letter from a reader – part 2}


(Photo courtesy of urbanworkbench, Flickr CC)

The first day of September?! Where did summer go??

I refuse to welcome Autumn, even though today marks the first day back to school for children in our city. Speaking of school, a reader wrote me a letter a few days ago, asking advice about a situation related to a change in her daughter’s language development due to starting a new school. Below you’ll find her letter and my advice.

Be encouraged, friends. Continue reading