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Hello! Welcome to Españolita…¡Sobre la Marcha!

My name is Audrey, or as my madrileño husband, D., has always called me: españolita because of my love for all things Spain. I grew up in the Washington, D.C. area in an English-speaking home. I started studying Spanish in school at the age of 12, and from day one I fell in love with it.

I eventually earned a B.A. in Spanish from Georgetown University, during which time I spent a year studying in Madrid, where I met my husband. I later returned to Georgetown to earn an M.A. in Linguistics, with a focus on second language acquisition. I’m a Nationally Board Certified English teacher, and I spent nearly eight years teaching English as a Second Language and American literature at a large urban high school in Virginia.

Just as my passion for languages started early, so, too, did my love for teaching: the best childhood gift, hands down, was the chalkboard my mom bought me in the third grade.  The verbal processor that I am, I would play “school” for hours, teaching my dolls, talking out loud, processing my life through pretend teaching.

Now, as a stay-at-home mom to two young children (my three-year old daughter, E. and my ten-month old son, J.), I find that I am no longer the teacher. That role rightly belongs to E. and J. And, this former teacher has so much to learn.

Well, this blog has taken the place of that childhood chalkboard. It is my place to process – out loud, if you will – my journey in RIE/respectful parenting, city life, and raising bilingual children (and, a few other topics I like, as well), all ¡sobre la marcha!, or one day at a time.

¡Hola! ¡Bienvenidos al blog Españolita…¡Sobre la Marcha!

Me llamo Audrey, o españolita como me llama mi marido madrileño, D. Soy de Washington, D.C. donde me crié en una familia monolingüe de habla inglesa. Empecé a estudiar español como segundo idioma en el colegio con 12 años y me enamoré inmediatamente.

Hice la carrera en filología española en la universidad de Georgetown y después hice un Másters en lingüística con especialidad en la adquisición del lenguaje, también en Georgetown. Conocí a mi marido en Madrid durante mi año de estudios en la Universidad Complutense. Fui profesora de secundaria enseñando lengua y literatura inglesa y americana durante ocho años.

Al igual que con los idiomas, mi pasión por la enseñanza empezó cuando era pequeña. El mejor regalo que me hizo mi madre cuando tenía 8 años fue una pizarra de juguete .Yo pasaba horas jugando a la escuela, enseñando a mis muñecas, hablando en alto en mi habitación, procesando verbalmente  mi día.

Ahora  que soy madre de dos niños, E., mi hija de tres años, y J., mi hijo de diez meses, veo que yo ya no soy la que enseña, sino que ese rol lo desempeñan ahora mis hijos. Yo me he pasado a ser la alumna, y  todavía tengo mucho que aprender.

Ahora uso este  blog  en lugar de la pizarra que usaba en mi infancia. Es aquí donde proceso mi vida de madre, mis aventuras con la crianza con respeto (RIE), la vida en la ciudad, la educación bilingüe, y todo ¡sobre la marcha!

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12 thoughts on “About Me/Sobre Mi

  1. I love that you have started a blog from the beginning of your journey! I did the same and it is like an ever changing baby book or journal that marks your journey!


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  5. Hi there, so good to discover your blog!!
    I started a similar adventure 12 years ago with the only difference that there’s not a native person at home and probably my English was/is far worse than your Spanish.
    Anyways, you are doing the right thing if you live in the States. I’m sure you’ll be looking for more Spanish exposure as soon as your daughter starts speaking a perfect English because of her class mates. I’m looking forward to getting some free time to read your blog in detail. Take care and keep it up!


    • ¡Hola, GD! Thanks for stopping by the blog and for commenting. Our goal is to eventually enroll her in the local Montessori bilingual school so that she receives academic Spanish, as well as English, and so that she has bilingual PEERS, which is an important component to raising a child bilingually. I would love to know more about your family’s story sometime! Check out the section FAMILIES on the blog.


  6. Just found your blog today and I’m excited to check it out! My husband and I are hoping to raise our baby bilingual (English/Spanish) as well! My husband is a native Spanish speaker, but I am not yet fluent so right now I speak English to the baby and my husband always speaks to him in Spanish. I’m afraid he’s getting a lot more English than Spanish but we are trying! Looking forward to learning more ideas from your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! Glad that you’ve stopped by. I’m happy to hear of your family’s commitment to raising your baby bilingually. Check out the resources page as well as the section on the right side called research to help you get started learning more about it. You guys can do it with family and community support!


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