The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)

TESOL Bilingual Basics

Bilingualism Matters

Linguistic Society of America

Multilingual Parenting


Alliance for Childhood

American Montessori Society

Association Montessori International – America


Educaring: Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE parenting)

Pikler: Well-being for the children of the world

Books for Parents

Bilingual Parenting:

The Bilingual Edge: Why, When, and How to Teach your Child a Second Language

Bilingual: Life and Reality

Be Bilingual – Practical Ideas for Multilingual Families 

Seven Steps to Raising a Bilingual Child

Bilingual by Choice: Raising Kids in Two (or More!) Languages 

Respectful Parenting:

Simplicity Parenting (Waldorf-influenced)

The Whole-Brain Child (Research from child psychology) 

Unconditional Parenting

  • My book review here.

How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way

The Joyful Child: Montessori, Global Wisdom from Birth to Three

Elevating Childcare: a Guide to Respectful Parenting (RIE Parenting)

No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline without Shame (RIE Parenting)

Dear Parent: Caring for Infants with Respect (RIE Parenting)

Your Self-Confident Baby: How to Encourage your Child’s Natural Abilities – from the very start (RIE Parenting)


Free to Learn (The importance of free play; unschooling)

How Children Learn (Homeschooling; unschooling)

Nurture Shock: New Thinking about Children (Research-heavy on various topics)

The Absorbent Mind (Maria Montessori)

The Secret of Childhood (Maria Montessori)

Digital (Podcasts, Documentaries, Social Media, etc.)

Enséñame pero como bonito (Documentary on alternative education; in Spanish with subtitles)

Janet Lansbury Podcasts (RIE Parenting)

NPR reports on homeschooling

Enlaces a entrevistas y reportajes sobre la educación alternativa en España

Facebook Parenting Support Groups:

RIE/Mindful Parenting

Visible Child

Montessori 101

Creciendo con Emmi Pikler – Movimiento en Libertad (RIE Parenting en español)

Montessori de 0 a 3 años (En español)

Multilingual Parenting

YouTube Videos/Channels:

Janet Lansbury (RIE Parenting)

Resources for Infant Educators (RIE)



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