What I hope my daughter learns from los americanos

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Last week I wrote about the eleven habits of Spaniards that I am living out as mother raising her daughter bilingually and bi-culturally. 

That post made me think: bi-cultural means TWO.

There are values and habits that I have grown up with in the United States that I also want to share with my daughter. So, today’s post.

While I want to avoid making gross generalizations about an entire country and her people, I do believe that what follow are six of the most salient cultural values Americans of all sub-groups embrace. And, they’re the ones that, exercised with grace and wisdom, I hope my daughter embraces. Continue reading

Sobremesa, Traditions, and a Merry Christmas

bilingual bilingualism espanolita traditions

Put a “get things done” American and a laid-back “ya veremos” Spaniard next to each other at the dinner table and you’re sure to get two different answers to just about any question.

(We always have the most interesting sobremesas* in our casa!)

So, I thought I’d let you eavesdrop on one of our recent dinner debates. This time the topic was Christmas and our family traditions. Continue reading