“Keep your eye on the prize!” {Family Fridays}

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Friends, it’s great to be back again in 2016 for another edition of “Family Fridays” here on the blog. This is a continuing series in which I interview different multilingual families from all over the world. I love this series because each family interviewed has something unique and encouraging to share with readers; it’s been a reminder that there are so many ways to approach bilingual parenting.

To kick off the first “Family Fridays” interview of the year, I’d like to introduce you to Diana Limongi from the blog LadydeelLG. She’s a self-described Latina New Yorker with Ecuadorian roots married to a Frenchman. They live with their young son, Enzo, in the Big Apple, and she’s here today to share her family’s journey in bilingual parenting.

Be encouraged, friends.


“Multilingualism is always a good idea.” (Family Fridays)

bilingual bilingualism espanolita multilingual french

Photo via Carissa Rogers

¡Feliz viernes, amig@s! We’re back with another exciting installment of Family Fridays here on the blog. If you’re new to the blog, WELCOME! This is a weekly series in which I spotlight the multilingual journey of families from around the globe. Today, I am honored to introduce you to fellow multilingual mommy and blogger, Annabelle. If you haven’t already checked out her fabulous blog, be sure to do so after reading her interview with me. She blogs at The Piri-Piri Lexicon.

Today, Annabelle shares with us the adventures and challenges of raising her two lovely children in four languages. Be encouraged, friends. Continue reading

Bilingual Parenting “Challenges the Whole Family to Keep Learning” (Family Fridays)

bilingual bilingualism espanolita multilingual french

Photo via Carissa Rogers

¡Feliz Año Nuevo, amig@s! Welcome back to Family Fridays, a series that features the diverse journeys in bilingual parenting of multilingual families from around the globe. 

To kick off the series in 2015, I’d like to introduce you to an American family living in Washington, D.C. What makes this family unique – and what I love and admire about them – is the parents’ commitment to raising their two girls in French and English even though mom and dad are monolingual English speakers.

Oui, mes amis! As I addressed in this post, parents do not need to be bilingual to raise their children in more than one language. How cool is that?! So, read on to learn about Michael and Inger’s adventures in bilingual parenting. Continue reading

“Educate yourself about Bilingualism” (Family Fridays)


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¡Feliz viernes, amig@s! We’re back again with another installment of “Family Fridays” here on the blog.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Jane and her French-English bi-national family.

Her story raises a thought-provoking question: would you ever change your family’s language policy, and if so, what would be the result? Jane is a native French speaker and her husband a native English speaker. Living in the United States until recently, French was their home language. Now, they’ve relocated to France and have decided to speak English with their two boys. Read on to find out why and the challenges (and joys!) that come with this change.

Jane has some great advice to share. Be encouraged, amig@s! Continue reading

“What a Joy it is!” (Family Fridays)

bilingual bilingualism espanolita multilingual french

Photo via Carissa Rogers

Amig@s, it’s been a few weeks since we left off with the series Family Fridays. It’s good to be back into the rhythm of it again. If you’re new to the blog, I’m so glad you’re here.

Family Fridays is a series I started back in October in which I highlight and interview a different bilingual or multilingual family each Friday. Through these interviews we not only get to meet a new family from cool places around the world, but we learn and take encouragement from their experiences in this fun adventure called bilingual parenting.

Today, I’m so honored to introduce you to fellow bilingual maman and blogger, Michele Cherie from Intentional Mama. Please check out her blog! You’ll be so glad you did.

Michele has a unique and uplifting story to share with us. Be encouraged!

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