“Is she a good eater?” (Enjoying food with a toddler)


As the mother of a toddler, I am often asked about my 21-month old daughter’s eating habits. In fact, on our recent trip to Spain, it was the topic of many conversations with friends and family (perhaps because food is such an integral part of the Spanish culture?)

¿Cóme bien? (Is she a good eater?)

¿Lo come todo? (Does she eat everything?)

¿Cómo consigues que coma las verduras? (How do you get her to eat vegetables?)

These questions – all from a place of good intentions and honest curiosity – have left me wondering, how do we define “good (or “bad”) eaters? and, I certainly don’t eat everything!, and I don’t! I can’t make her do anything!

So, for those of you curious how D. and I maneuver the tricky culinary adventures of eating with a toddler, I thought I’d share what I have learned from more seasoned parents, as well as from my own reading into RIE parenting and Montessori. Continue reading