Final Thoughts from our Trip to España


We made it back to the other side of “El Charco” just a few days ago. It’s taking us a bit longer to break free from the jet lag and adjust to the six-hour time difference (i.e., days starting at 4am).

Despite the cansancio and despite D.’s and my sadness at no longer having total access to jamón serrano, we’re still running high on fond memories of our month-long trip to Spain.

There’s so much to say, so many thoughts, that I thought I’d just put them all down together, potpourri style, in one blog post. Continue reading

It’s coming! #España2015

bullfightingIt’s official!

We bought our plane tickets to Spain this fall! Yes, our first trip as a family of three to the land of jamón serrano, tortilla de patatas, and no humidity!

Thirty whole days. That’s right: one entire month. I can hardly contain myself.

I’ve already given the trip its own hashtag (so, be sure to follow me on twitter @espanolita and Instagram @espanolitablog).

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Traveling with Bebé

airplane travel baby infant bilingual bilingualism espanolita

Last week E. and I got to tag along with D. as he attended a work conference in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. We decided to combine his work trip with a four-hour drive out to California to visit family.

I realize that there are endless blog posts on the InterWebs about traveling with an infant, many of which I found immensely helpful in planning my own trip: nurse during take-off and landing, pack light, bring lots of snacks, wear comfortable clothes, and other tips.

Well, four flights, two airport connections, one car ride, and 16 hours of travel time proved all of the above true.

They also taught me five other things I’d like to share with you about traveling with bebé. These are suggestions that I hope will make your next trip con bebé a bit easier and, of course, more fun! Continue reading